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You may have recently noticed when trying to log into Money Dashboard that we have been in maintenance mode, the reason for this has been to carry out essential work. Most of the work has been in the background, so you won't see much difference but there are a couple of new features which will interest you.

Previously when adding a new account there was a limit of 30 days worth of transactions. We have now increased this to 90 days, this depends upon what your bank offers. This means when adding a new account for the first time you will see more of your spending going back in time, so if you have just recently added an account then you could think about deleting it and adding it again.

This is a feature that has always been there however, what we have done is update it. Previously, the Refresh all button would update your balances and transactions with a snapshot which meant that sometimes you would not see any difference. Now the Refresh all button will get your latest balances and transactions, giving you an up to date picture of your finances. In other words, it's now doing what you expected!

Recently we made some big improvements to our tagging engine. Now we've made some more, so you should start seeing more and more of your transactions being grouped or tagged, leaving fewer transactions for you to tag. However if you think we have missed some obvious ones please let us know by dropping us an email to [email protected]

Since the launch of Money Dashboard we've made a lot of changes so that you can really start to see where your money is going. We're planning some more changes including updating the look and feel of Money Dashboard and a new income feature.

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