WiseAlpha - Track your corporate bonds in Money Dashboard

We’re excited to announce WiseAlpha is the latest provider to be made available in Money Dashboard.

As the first personal finance app to integrate with WiseAlpha, you can now keep track of your WiseAlpha investments alongside all your other accounts on the Money Dashboard Neon and Money Dashboard Classic app.

What is WiseAlpha?

WiseAlpha have built the first digital marketplace in the world, for investors of all sizes, to access institutional corporate bonds. They were named “Best Investments Provider” at the British Bank Awards in 2018 and 2019. They are on a mission to build a global online marketplace for bonds, with simplicity and access to all.

You can read WiseAlpha reviews on Trustpilot and Smart Money People.

What is corporate bond investing?

A corporate bond is an IOU issued by a company. Issues of bonds can be governments or companies, such as Rolls Royce, Netflix and Ocado.

For those new to corporate bond investing, corporate bonds are a way for companies to raise money without having to issue stocks that dilute their ownership, or take out a business loan. Companies may do this, for example, to help raise money for research and development or to fund a merger or acquisition.

In doing so, the company then agrees to pay the funds back in a certain time frame, with additional interest, meaning the investor can make a return on their investment.

Bond are composed of 2 core elements

Coupon (interest payments) - the coupon is the annual or semi-annual interest payment you receive from investing in a bond until it matures. For example, a bond with a 5% coupon will pay £50 for every £1000 of the bond’s principal value each year. 

Maturity - if we take an example and say the bond matures in 5 years, then in 5 years’ time the bond is repaid. This is when the face value of the security becomes payable, along with any final coupon payment.

You can learn more about corporate bonds through the CPD accredited WiseAlpha Bond Academy.

How does WiseAlpha work with Money Dashboard?

This integration means users can now see their investments with WiseAlpha alongside any other current, savings, credit and investment accounts they hold. When you connect your WiseAlpha account to Money Dashboard, we'll add it to your Investment accounts category, so you can track your corporate bond yields alongside any other accounts you've added to our app.

We can't wait to continue rolling out more connections. If you'd like to request a new provider, you can do so at the bottom of the dedicated page here or give us a shout on Twitter!

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