New features and developments

We've just released some new features and in the coming weeks we have some forthcoming developments we want to share with you.

New dashboard panes

On our desktop service, you'll now see two new panes on your dashboard. Here's a little bit of information on why they are there and the benefits they provide:

Outgoings in the past 7 days - this pane let's you see a more focused breakdown of your outgoings. It presents a graphical representation of the breakdown you regularly receive in your weekly summary.

Upcoming transactions - this enables you to quickly see transactions that are imminently going to happen on your accounts. Now you'll never be caught out by an unexpected payment.

Helping you save money

At Money Dashboard, our goal is to help you get on top of your finances. We can do this by highlighting areas where you might be overspending and suggest solutions to help you save. To achieve this we've also been partnering with a number of companies to bring you the best deals and market-leading rates across a variety of areas and products.

We've already had a great response to our recent Big Energy Switch, with thousands of our users registering for a cheaper gas and electricity offer. We're also delighted to announce that the auction has taken place and the winner is one of the Big 6 energy suppliers, with a market leading tariff*. If you've participated, you'll receive your offer by the 24th October.

*(based on Ofgem averages on the day of the auction)

Improving our service

In the next few weeks we will be releasing improvements to our past activity section.

We'll be presenting you with a new experience to help you understand your historic transactions better and where your money goes according to category. Included in this release:

  • A sleaker, cleaner, and much faster interface
  • An improved experience on tablets
  • Easier to locate and categorise transactions
  • A simpler process to filter transactions by account, tag, etc
  • More customisable graphs, including the ability to see net balance history over time

Privacy Policy

In keeping with our desire to make everything transparent, and to take into account some of the introductions above, we have also updated our privacy policy. Read the updated privacy policy here, and do let us know if you have any questions. Your continued use of the service will be deemed to be acceptance of these new policies.


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