UK personal finance manager app now out

Money Dashboard is a Fintech company which essentially means it offers a financial service as a personal finance planner through ever developing technology that it is one of the many startups making the most of gaps in financial services and significant opportunities.

New app release

Money Dashboard has announced this week that they have released our new personal finance manager app on iTunes for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. This great app lets you see all of your accounts in one place and help you track your spending to let you be good with money.

Be good with money

With all your accounts in a single money management app, Money Dashboard helps you save money, budget more effectively, and make better decisions about how you use your money. Use it to keep track of your spending across your current, credit card and savings accounts, no matter who you bank with, and start making daily savings by understanding where all your money goes each month.

Money Dashboard is there to make your financial life easier, taking the hard work out of managing your money. Past spending patterns are used to predict future outgoings, helping you plan realistically for the future based on your real outgoings. And by giving you better visibility and control, you can set individual budgets to achieve your personal targets.

In addition, Money Dashboard offers personal recommendations on things like how to avoid unnecessary bank charges, cutting down on household bills and where you might get a better interest rate on your savings. Using intelligent software that scans your everyday spending, Money Dashboard serves up data driven recommendations to improve your current financial situation.

Here's what others have to say about Money Dashboard:

The Times ‘If you struggle to keep on top of your household finances, Money Dashboard can help.'

The Independent ‘An overall picture of your financial health is clever financial planning. Money Dashboard makes this easy.'

BBC ‘Money Dashboard lets you take control through one central hub so you know what's going on with your money.'

Safe and secure

Aggregation services like Money Dashboard's are already used by more than 80 million people in the States. We're the first to bring this kind of service to the UK and we use the same financial security practices as the world's leading banks, which means all your bank details and personal information are 100% secure.

The Money Dashboard app and desktop platform is completely independent, free to use and is compatible with all major UK bank and credit card companies, including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, NatWest, Nationwide, RBS and Virgin Money among many others.

Because Money Dashboard updates all your transactions daily, you will need to enter your bank login details in order for the software to refresh your accounts. Our application is read-only, so no payments, withdrawals or transfers can ever be made from any of your accounts.

New features

If you are already an existing Money Dashboard user you will find our app has lots of new features to make the most of. New features include:

  1. Spend tracker tool for easy budgeting on specific items
  2. Auto login now installed for easier access should you want it
  3. Compare month on month spending instantly
  4. Easier tag search to help split your spending into categories
  5. Further improved speed and navigation

Sign up for Money Dashboard

Sign up for personal finance manager Money Dashboard now. Money Dashboard is the free, easy way to save money.

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Important Information: Money Dashboard Neon and Classic mobile and web apps are now closed as of 31/10/2023. Please see our FAQs for more information.