All your accounts in one place.

Get the true view of your finances.


The true view of your finances.

Whoever you bank with, all your accounts come together giving you a clear picture of exactly what's happening with your money.

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Simple and easy to use

Money Dashboard provides you with one login to all your current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards.

Clear and simple graphs tell you what you need to know without making you work hard to understand.

We do the hard work so you don't have to.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Pie Chart

The true view of your finance

Money Dashboard gives you the true view of your finances by showing exactly where your money goes across all your online financial accounts.

This information is then displayed in your personal Dashboard.

On most accounts, transactions and balances are refreshed daily, so you're up to date with your current financial position at a glance.

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Financial Overview

Take financial control

Money Dashboard's budget planner lets you see what's really happening by eliminating the guesswork from your financial life.

With a clearer view of how, when and where you're spending your money you'll be in a better position to organise your finances more effectively. As well as helping to plan for the future.

Spend and save to realise your own financial goals. Making money management easy.

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Automated, intelligent tagging

Our free personal finance software provides you with a full breakdown of your spending.

It will automatically generate tags on your transactions (or you can manually tag them), separating your outgoings into obvious groups.

It's this information that will help show where you could be saving money.

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Safe and secure

Our system is protected by GlobalSign and uses the same 128-bit encryption and security as your online banking.

Money Dashboard is a read-only service: no money can ever be moved.

Learn more about security

Diagram of the Money Dashboard Transactions List

Our Promise

Money Dashboard is not owned by any financial organisation. There's no pressure from us to push you towards any goals other than your own.

Our independence from the banks means that once you gather the information from all your different providers, you are in the rare position of having the complete picture of your finances.

We simply give you the information, control and support.

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