Saving Money with Removal Companies

When you have the option, best practise for saving money when moving homes is to hire a van, and get as many friends and family as you can to lend a hand, especially those with cars. However, if you have a lot of heavy furniture and stairs to contend with, or you can't get enough people to help, there are things you can do to keep down the cost of hiring a professional removal company.

Off Peak Moving

Moving companies tend to be cheaper in autumn and winter than they are in spring and summer, so if you can, move during the off season. Moving on weekends and bank holidays is also common so you might be able to get a better deal moving during the week.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get estimates from several firms before making your decision. If one company seems to have the most professional service but are not the cheapest, let them know your lowest quote and ask if they can match it.

Affordable but Honest

Research which removal companies are the cheapest, but also try to find reviews or comments about the company. They should be licensed and insured; if they seem dodgy, avoid them. Try to find the cheapest company with a good reputation, there are price comparison websites to help.

Packing for Movers

A removal company may do some packing for you, especially white goods, furniture, and other bulky or fragile items. As they are experienced, it's best to let them pack these items to prevent damage and maximise van space. Other items, like clothes, shoes, stationary etc. you can pack ahead of time to speed up the moving process and keep costs down. Work out with your movers beforehand what you should and should not pack for best results.

Insurance In Transit

If you're using a removal company, make sure they insure your possessions during transit. Check the details of the insurance, especially with regards to valuable and precious items, and items not packed by movers, as they may have specific instructions, or you may need to notify them of anything fragile or above a certain value.

Parking Access

Consider where a removal van or truck is going to park at your new home, especially if it's a narrow street or a main road. You may need to arrange a parking permit. You could politely ask your neighbours to park elsewhere for moving day, better that than having them annoyed at you on your first day for blocking their car or street access, or having to carry heavy furniture from a far off parking spot. If you need help budgeting for your move and figuring out how much you can afford, free money management software such as Money Dashboard make it simple to compare your income and spending each month so you can project how much you can afford to spend.

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