What is a smart meter, and should you upgrade to one with your energy supplier?

Can you remember a time before smart technology? When a phone was used simply to make calls, when Alexa wasn’t there with all the answers, and when your energy meters were merely just a ticking dial. Fast forward to today - digital technology now means we’re better connected and more in control than we could have ever dreamed about less than fifteen years ago.

Take your energy use for example. Ever-evolving technology is playing a crucial role in helping individuals and households become more energy conscious – helping you save money and the environment. Smart meters play a leading role within the domestic energy sector to achieve this, by offering a number of advantages over older mechanical meters. This technology, introduced in the UK back in 2005 with the first install by Utilita Energy, helps you to see where and when you use your energy to help keep costs down. Not only that, but smart meters also help Network Operators manage the supply of electricity and gas across their networks, which helps to make the UK energy supply greener.

What is a smart meter, and how much does it cost?

Traditionally your gas and electricity meters have been hidden, out of sight, and sometimes near impossible to locate. And if we’re honest with ourselves, you never really knew how much you were consuming until you needed to update your meter readings. Smart meters remove this need. Usually paired with a Smart Display, smart meters use the latest technology to track and report on your energy consumption so it’s directly visible to you and your energy supplier. 

And the best part is suppliers, including Utilita, install smart meters at no extra cost to you and the work is done professionally by trained engineers.

What are the benefits of a smart meter?

1. Say goodbye to estimated bills and hello to better budgeting

Smart meters track your actual energy usage, making estimated bills – and nasty surprises - a thing of the past. This makes it easier to budget too.

2. Understand and take back control of your energy usage

With a smart meter you can see how your actions impact your daily energy consumption in real time. By using a Smart Display or mobile app, such as Utilita’s award-winning My Utilita, you can track your energy balance and see how your usage impacts your available credit. 

3. Don’t overpay for your energy

It’s simple to manage your usage and credit with a Pay As You Go Smart Energy tariff. What’s more, you’ll only pay for the energy you use – and not a penny more.

4. Don’t waste time and energy travelling to the shops to top-up

Smart meters allow you to top-up anytime, anywhere – or just from the comfort of your settee if you prefer. Utilita’s smart meter-enabled Pay As You Go customers can top-up from as little as £2 via the My Utilita app, online, over the phone or by SMS. 

5. Get access to better tech

Smart-installed customers benefit from better technology. Utilita’s multi award-winning app  offers best-in-class features including POWER UP ensuring they can stay on supply even when they’ve run out of credit – with no extra charges!  

6. Better for the environment and your pocket

Evolving technology means you have better visibility on how much energy you use throughout the day, helping households to save money and do their bit for the planet. 

Utilita offers market-leading smart tech to make it even easier for their customers to see where their energy is going. Smart Score measures energy efficiency and provides personalised tips based on how to improve it.

Smart meters also allow suppliers to better manage the supply of energy to households, giving the National Grid an accurate picture of demand which, in turn, reduces energy wastage.

Do smart meters work for Pay-As-You-Go energy plans?

Smart meters are perfect for PAYG energy users. They negate the need to visit the local shop with a USB to top-up and often come with many more features to help manage energy usage. Smart-installed Utilita customers have access to £15 Emergency Credit, Friendly Credit and their My Utilita smart app. 

Utilita even claims that their PAYG customers use about 11% less energy than the average bill-paying home.

Should you upgrade to a smart meter?

If you want to save on your energy bills and have the convenience to top-up from home, the answer is yes. 

So, are you ready to make the jump into smart technology? 

Why not check out Utilita, the UK’s leading Smart PAYG energy supplier, and take advantage of the fantastic benefits they can offer. Not only will you get access to their award-winning tech, but you’ll also be entered into the Utilita Jackpot - a monthly draw with the chance to win up to £5,000 a month.

This article is a post in partnership with our friends at Utilita, the UK’s leading Smart PAYG Energy supplier. Launching back in 2003, they were the first energy supplier in the UK to install smart meters. Money Dashboard users get a £30 Amazon voucher once your supply has switched. Read more here.

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