9 Lightweight Saving Tips on Moving Home

When you're moving house, chances are you're already taking a big step up in your spending; you don't want to have to shell out a lot of extra cash on the moving itself too! Here are 9 tips on how to save money when moving home:

  1. If you don't have a car, or you have big furniture to move, consider hiring a van instead of a moving company. It means more work, but is a good way to save money.
  2. If you do use a moving company, shop around for the best deal. But make sure they are a reputable outfit, you don't want stuff being damaged, or worse, disappearing.
  3. Get used boxes free from shops, friends and family, or on sites like Gumtree or Freecycle, instead of buying them from a storage place.
  4. Adjust the previous tenant's utility payments to suit your own needs. For example, if a five person family lived in the house and now it is just you and a partner, you won't use as much electricity or gas as they did.
  5. See if you are eligible for Council Tax benefits or discounts, for example, for students, or for single occupancy.
  6. If you don't have space for your things, declutter and purge, rather than pay for storage space. If you can't sell the items, give them away.
  7. Live in your space for a while before deciding to buy lots of new things like furniture and decor. Figure out what you actually need and then see if family or friends have extras or look on Gumtree for used items, rather than buying new.
  8. Close any old accounts for utilities, etc. so Direct Debits stop and any refunds come through as soon as possible.
  9. Even if you are moving into a cheaper property, you are still likely to face expenses when moving. Use your free budget planner to make sure you have the funding before making your decision to relocate.

Now when you're moving heavy furniture to your lovely new home, you'll still have to worry about hurting your back, but you won't have to worry about hurting your bank.

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