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Real Money Stories: Iona keeps it simple to master her money

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This week Jason speaks to financial journalist Iona, who explains how her mother's canny and careful approach to money helped lay the foundations for Iona to keep her own lifestyle simple and low-cost.

They discuss how social media and reality TV can lead to emotionally driven spending, the role of personality in career choices and why she has never had a credit card.

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Jason Butler is a columnist for The Financial Times, where as 'The Wealthman', he writes about personal finance related issues. He is Head of Financial Education at Salary Finance and also provides expert commentary on personal finance to the BBC, Sky and a range of other publications.

We're delighted to have sponsored Jason's 'Real Money Stories' Podcast - where he shares personal money stories from every day people, so their insights can help you be better with money.

Sean MacNicol

Engagement Manager