Learn how Adam used Money Dashboard to take back control of his finances

After graduating from university, Adam decided it was time to take control of his finances and start saving money.

He started off using spreadsheets to track his spending and get a better grasp of where his money was going but quickly decided that it would be much easier to find an app which could do this for him, and that’s when he found Money Dashboard Neon.

Having recently graduated, I was starting to save up; I decided to start being responsible, save money and have a better grasp of what I do with my money. 

For a while I didn’t really do anything to manage my day-to-day spending. I have a couple of spreadsheets that I used for a while but it seemed like a lot of work so I decided to look for apps that could do it for me. I decided to go with Money Dashboard because it felt more reliable than other apps on offer.

I just wanted to have all my finances in one place and a better understanding of how I spend my money, and I liked the idea of having separate budgets for different categories. I now use Money Dashboard to see how much I have in all my different cards and accounts in one place. If I ever need to check what money’s coming out of my account I just go to one place rather than 3-4 separate apps!

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