Find out how Jo (aka ‘Slummy Single Mummy’) tracks her spending with Money Dashboard Neon

Jo is known for her blog ‘Slummy Single Mummy’ where she talks about parenting, travel, money and more. You can also find her over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Find out what Jo has to say about how Money Dashboard Neon has helped her:

“I admit it, I’ve been overexcited, and my bank balance is feeling it for sure. The one big perk of lockdown for me has been that even though my income has taken a big hit, my spending has been WAAAY down too. Turns out that most of my disposable income goes on brunch. And wine at lunch. Who knew?? 

For the first month or two I was also very conscious that I had no real idea about how my income might be affected, and I paid a lot of attention to spending. I bore quickly though, and unnecessary spending has crept back in. It’s so easy isn’t it to just spend a little bit here and a little bit there and not realise how it adds up?

I really want to take some positive steps to make sure I keep my spending under control as more and more opportunities open up for me to spend it, which is why I’m partnering with Money Dashboard.

Money Dashboard has been around for over ten years but they’ve just launched a new app, Money Dashboard Neon. It safely pulls in all your bank and credit card information, categorises your spending and gives you a ‘balance after bills’, letting you know what’s safe to spend on brunch. You can then monitor spending in particular areas, set yourself savings targets (because we could all do with a holiday right?) and generally feel like you’re a bit more in control. 

The best bit is that Money Dashboard is a COMPLETELY FREE service, no catch. There’s no reason not to do it really. Sign up and start feeling in charge of your finances.” 

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