Find out how Money Dashboard helps Aaron to keep his spending on track

Aaron uses Money Dashboard’s balance after bills feature to help manage his spending and get a better understanding of his disposable income:

I can be such a bad spender, whether I’ve got a small amount of money or a lot of money in my account I’ll think ‘Oh well I’ve got a decent amount of money, I can spend it’.

Normally I would look at my account and see that I have X amount of money available to spend this month, but really that’s not factoring in the different bills and direct debits that will come out so I’d tend not to think about those. By using Money Dashboard, I wanted to get a better handle on that, and realise that although I’ve got a lot of money at the start of the month, a lot of that is due to be gone by the end of it even if I reduce my day-to-day spending. 

I wanted to get a better grasp on that money management across my different accounts, because I have a few of them and tend to use the different ones for different reasons. I also wanted to start trying to save money and better understand what I’m doing with it from month to month. 

Money Dashboard gave me an accurate idea of what I’ve got across various accounts and what would be left over after set expenditures had come out. Setting up my budgets and tagging transactions also helped to keep my spending on track.

Overall, it was easy to set up, easy to track and easy to tag the different budgets and adjust them accordingly!

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