Money Dashboard

New Dashboard: view income versus spend history

We've been listening to our users, and now we've improved the Dashboard screen, introducing an 'income versus spend history' graph as well as some other useful figures, to give you a better instant overview of your finances.          

Last month we added an 'Income' section to the Tracking Screen. Now, with this graph and the average and total figures, we're enabling our users to see a clear overview of their finances over time.

We've also increased the amount of data available to examine in your Money Dashboard. You can now see a full breakdown for your spending, income and budgets going back up to 12 months.  

Accounts Section

Finally, we've improved the visibility of your account statuses. Now, in the Dashboard, you can instantly see when your accounts were last updated.

Please let us know what you think of any of these changes, or get in touch if you've any questions.

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