£1,000 Member Giveaway - Prize Draw Rules

The Draw and how to join

  1. In these rules, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to The One Place Capital trading as “Money Dashboard”. Where we say “month”, we mean calendar month.
  2. The £1,000 Member Giveaway is a free prize draw for all Money Dashboard members. Entry to the Draw will not affect any of the conditions of your account.
  3. The prizes for the draw are:
    a. One grand prize of  £1,000,
    b. Additional perks.
  4. We may change the number or size of perks. If we do this, we do not need to notify you or change these rules, but we will advertise the prizes available on our website and other publicity for the Draw. All qualifying members in the draw have an equal chance of winning. We will not pay the prize to any person other than the winner.
  5. To be included in the draw, you must be a Money Dashboard member and meet the criteria for entry. All qualifying members will be automatically entered into the draw - unless you ask not to be. Money Dashboard users who are not members can register for membership via the Money Dashboard app.
  6. In order to be entered into the draw you must have at least one bank account refreshed or added within your Money Dashboard account during the month of February. Accounts must be active at the time of the draw.
  7. Entries are limited to one per person.

How to qualify to take part

  1. To be a qualifying customer for the draw, you must be an individual and must come within all of the rules in 8.a, 8.b, 8.c and 8.d below.
    a. You must be a Money Dashboard account holder and become a member,
    b. You must have at least one online personal bank account feed connected or added to your Money Dashboard Account. You must also login and refresh the account during the month. At least one bank account must be active at the time of the draw,
    c. Be at least 18 years old by the last day of the month before the Draw takes place, and
    d. Live in England, Wales or Scotland and be entered in our records as living in one of those places. For this purpose we reserve the right to make enquiries about where you live, and it is our policy to disregard short term absences of up to 3 months from England, Wales or Scotland. If in the future we are satisfied that the law in Northern Ireland has changed appropriately, we may allow customers living in Northern Ireland to qualify to take part in the Draw. We can do this without notifying you personally, although we will let you know on our website.

Customers who are not included

  1. You are not eligible for the Draw if you are an employee of The One Place Capital Ltd. You also are not eligible if you are someone who is engaged as a supplier, or employed by a supplier, and you are directly involved in or help with the Draw.

If mistakes are made…

  1. We try our best to make sure that our records are correct and that all qualifying customers and only qualifying members have been entered into the draw. However, it is possible that, in a small number of cases, a non-qualifying customer may be entered or a qualifying customer may be entered more than once, or not entered at all.
  2. Where a qualifying member is entered more than once, we will not be responsible in any way to other entrants. But, we’ll take reasonable steps to prevent a customer from winning more than one prize. If, for whatever reason, a qualifying customer is left out of our records or out of the draw, we will not be responsible to them for any potential win they could have had. We will also not be responsible if we inadvertently pay a prize to someone who does not qualify, but we will take reasonable steps to ensure this does not happen and, where we discover the error, we will take reasonable steps to pay the prize to the next eligible person we randomly select.
  3. We will also not be responsible to any qualifying member if the draw cannot go ahead, is delayed or cancelled because of a legal or regulatory issue, a systems failure, the failure by any third party to perform services or for any cause beyond our reasonable control.

The Draw and how it works

  1. The Draw will be held during the first 3 business days of March 2019. We will randomly select members (“potential winners”) for the prize from amongst those members who:
    a. Appear to satisfy all of the entrance requirements in Rule 8 at the end of the month before the draw takes place; and
    b. Are not excluded by Rule 9.
  2. All members who join the Draw will be eligible to an additional perk. More details and information will be provided.
  3. In all matters relating to the Draw, our decision is final and we will not respond to further questions or queries. We do not accept any liability for any letters or communications lost, damaged or delayed in transit.
  4. If the draw cannot take place on the scheduled date and time and is not cancelled under Rule 24, it will take place as soon as is reasonably possible afterwards.

Announcing the winners

  1. Within one month of the date of the draw, where we can, we will write to potential winners who have been selected and checked against our records in accordance with Rule 13. ‘Write to’ in these rules includes written communication sent by email. We will use the last known email address that we have in our records.We may also try to contact potential winners by other means, such as telephone, where we have these details. We will let you know how you can claim your prize. To make sure you don’t miss out, it’s important that you tell us as soon as possible if you change your email address.
  2. Before we pay out any prize money, we can require potential winners to provide reasonable proof of their identity, age and that they were living in England, Wales or Scotland as at the end of the month before the draw took place. We’ll let potential winners know what proof we need to see when we write to them.
  3. If we pay a prize to a person who falsely claims to be a winner, they are liable to pay back the prize money to us – as well as any extra costs, losses, damages and expenses experienced on our part, including any costs or other amounts we suffer in paying out the prize again to a genuine winner.
  4. If a qualifying customer, who we have selected as a potential winner of a prize, has died at any time before we are due to pay it, whether before or after the draw has taken place, we will allow the personal representative of that customer to claim the prize on behalf of their estate. To do this, the personal representative must show us proof of authority to act – such as letters of administration, a grant of probate or such other documents we consider sufficient – to prove that they are entitled to receive the prize.
  5. You can obtain the winners’ names and counties within six months of the date of the monthly draw. We may ask the winners to take part in further publicity, but they do not have to agree to do this.

Unclaimed Prizes

  1. The potential winner will no longer be entitled to a prize, if,
    a. We have received no response to an email sent in accordance with Rule 16 to a potential winner within 30 days of sending it, or
    b. We have not been able to send an email, because the mail has been returned from the address, we have not made contact through other means and more than 30 days have passed since the Draw, or
    c. Having made contact with a potential winner, we discover that they are not a qualifying customer or have been unable to provide the details we require as required by Rule 17.
  2. At that time we will donate the unclaimed prize to a charity or charities. If a potential winner, who would have been a qualifying customer at the time we attempted to contact them, attempts to claim a prize after the six month period and there is reasonable justification for the delay, we may decide to award the prize, but we do not have to do so.

How to stop taking part

  1. If, at any time, you decide you don’t want to take part in the Draw, please let us know by writing to us at: support@moneydashboard.com. We must receive your email by the last day of the month before the draw takes place in order for you to be excluded from the draw.

Changes to the Draw and if we end the Draw

  1. We may cancel the draws or stop operating the Draw altogether, without notice, where we are prevented from continuing because of:
    a. A legal or regulatory issue,
    b. A systems failure,
    c. The failure by any third party to perform services; or
    d. Any other cause beyond our reasonable control.
  2. If this happens, we will notify you by placing a notice on our website as soon as we are practically able to afterwards.
  3. We may stop operating the Draw at any time by giving you notice. At any time by giving you notice, we may also change these Rules, including the features of the Draw – such as the amounts and number of prizes or the rules around qualifying  accounts.

The promoter

  1. The One Place Capital Limited (t/a Money Dashboard) is the promoter of the Draw. Money Dashboard Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 743264. It’s registered office is at 5th Floor, 125 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AD
For frequently asked questions, please see here or contact us at support@moneydashboard.com for assistance.
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