Success Stories

Meet Rebecca: using Money Dashboard helped her set a realistic goal

I've got seven or eight different accounts with money dotted around everywhere and I was finding it very hard to keep track of where everything was going.

Now I've got a goal that I want to save towards so I'm looking to put a deposit down on a flat and Money Dashboard really helps me to a) make sure I'm not going over budget every month and b) just see how long I've got to go until I hit that goal.

I actually had Money Dashboard recommended to me by two colleagues, one of whom was saving for a baby and the other who was saving for a wedding.

Now that I've got a goal to save towards I'm recommending it to everyone. I've recommended it to my boyfriend who was complaining that he couldn't see how much he had on credit cards and how much he had on various bank accounts and I kept saying Money Dashboard does that.

Katie Fraser

Money Dashboard Team