Success Stories

Meet Mark: he took his finances from chaotic to controlled

Hi, I’m Mark and I use Money Dashboard and I’ve been using it for about three years now.

Beforehand I can honestly say that my financial affairs were chaotic… cards, loans, direct debits, kids, bills, all those sorts of things. They were literally all over the place with no real control. You only noticed an issue when you got a letter that you’d missed a payment or something.

Money Dashboard revolutionised all that for me. I can access it on my Mac, on my ipad, iphone.. It just brings everything together in one easy place. It’s an app that the banks should have brought out, but Money Dashboard jumped ahead of everyone and thank goodness for them!

In terms of the recommendations, there’s recommendations I get from a financial services point of view and financial products and they’re all great. They all seem to be appropriate, I don’t feel like there’s any sort of ulterior motive like commissions or anything like that. I just feel like it’s great advice. I love it.

In terms of recommendations, I’ve recommended it to friends, family, work colleagues. Anyone really that likes to get their financial affairs organised in the quickest possible and most convenient way.

Thanks Money Dashboard!


Growth Manager