Meet Fatima: she uses Money Dashboard to help her handle life as an independent contractor

Hello, my name is Fatima.

I use Money Dashboard to deal with all my finances. In general I use the planning area the most. I use that on an everyday basis

I have most of my transactions planned ahead of time, so it’s pretty much down to the penny that I have Money Dashboard working for me.

I tend to work in the planning area because I’m an independent contractor so I have a lot of gaps in between employment and Money Dashboard has really helped me to plan for those.

I think that since I’ve started using the application the main change is that I don’t use things like Excel and I don’t have to go around onto different applications to look up what’s happening on different accounts. It’s all there in the same place.

What I would like to see is mortgages being pulled in to Money Dashboard, so that is one thing I would have liked in there in the future.

I referred it to friends who are using it in a completely different way to me. They focus on the transactions and the budgets and that’s probably because they’re more permanent employees and they have a different way to deal with their finances.

For me I think the biggest change I’ve noticed is that I do take more risks in my finances. So I probably wouldn’t have bought a second car before I started using Money Dashboard... But now that I know exactly what’s happening I am quite happy to have take on that loan.

So, yeah! I really like the application. Hope to see a lot more integrations with a few other banks but in general really like it and it works really well for me.

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