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Money Dashboard is your free online UK budgeting software tool which helps you to:

  • See all your accounts and balances in one place
  • Set monthly Budgets for your household
  • Track your spending

Follow the easy steps of add your accounts, group your spending and set your budgets to see where your money is really going and start getting it under control.

Add your accounts

With Money Dashboard, you can add all of your bank accounts, building society accounts and credit cards in one place. No longer do you have to log into each of your online accounts, instead you can see all of your balances and transactions in one easy location, the Accounts screen.

Group your spending

Money Dashboard automatically groups or tags as many of your transactions as possible with its tagging feature. If you want to change the tag for a transaction because it hasn't been automatically tagged or you just want to change it, you can easily tag or re-tag it in the Tag Transactions panel with the tagging tool using our pre-defined tags or your own custom tags.

Set your income and budgets

In the Set Budgets panel set your monthly income and budget for each tag, such as groceries, fuel, clothing, council tax, and mortgage.

Track your spending against your budgets

Once you've set your budgets, the Track Spending panel will automatically start monitoring your transactions to see if you're sticking to your targets. By tagging all of your bank and credit card transactions, the Track Spending panel will match your transactions to your budgets so you can quickly compare your actual spending to the budgets you set for yourself.

To understand more about how Money Dashboard works visit our How it works article.

by Sarah Whitehead, Product Manager

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