How Does It Work?

Regularly we are asked the question “How does it work?”. This blog is a very quick explanation of the 3 steps you need to follow so you can see your latest balances and transactions from your online accounts all in one place.

Step 1 – Register for Money Dashboard

When you register onto Money Dashboard an account will be created for you. At the same time as creating this on Money Dashboard, an account on Yodlee will also be created for you.

Read more about Money Dashboard's partner, Yodlee, a global online banking solution provider and data aggregator, renowned for its security.

After registering onto Money Dashboard you will receive an email with your Username and Password.

Step 2 – Log into Money Dashboard

Using your Username (created when you registered), Password and Security Word (also created when you registered) log into Money Dashboard.

Step 3 – Add your online accounts

The very first time you log into Money Dashboard you will see the Welcome screen. This will help guide you through the next step, which is to add your accounts.

There are 2 stages to adding your online accounts:

  • Stage A - Select your providerSelect the name of your bank, building society or credit card from our list of providers, this could be anything from Abbey National to Yorkshire Building Society.
  • Stage B - Enter your online account detailsThese are the same details that you enter for your online accounts for your bank, building society and credit card. All passwords are masked so neither you nor anybody else can see what you have typed. Your online banking user names and passwords are never needed again after you have entered them during your first session, they are securely stored and a strongly encrypted key is used in their place.

What happens next?

Through the Yodlee service the balances for each of your accounts and your latest transactions (1 to 30 days, depending upon your provider) are pulled across to be displayed in your Money Dashboard account.

Once you have connected to your online accounts through Money Dashboard, Yodlee will access these accounts approximately once a day for your most recent data. This means that each time you log into Money Dashboard you will see your latest balances and more recent transactions.

At the bottom of the Accounts Form (MyProfile > Accounts) there is a "Refresh All" button. The purpose of this button is to connect Money Dashboard with Yodlee, click the “Refresh All” button to pull through the information from the most recent time Yodlee accessed your accounts. If Yodlee has not accessed your account in the last 24 hours then you won't see any change in your details. However, if Yodlee does have a more recent snapshot of your accounts, you'll see the latest details.

Money Dashboard keeps a track of the date and time Yodlee last captured your balances and transactions, to find out more about these dates read our blog.

Or read our security page to understand more about the security at Money Dashboard.

This blog is a quick description of how the system works at Money Dashboard, if you have any questions about the Money Dashboard service please email

by Sarah Whitehead, Product Manager

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