A Colourful Dashboard is a Happy Dashboard

One of the things our users like most about free money manager Money Dashboard is that we try to present your finances in a visual, graphical way, to make it easy to read, absorb, and compare information on income and outgoing spend across all your accounts.

One way we do this, is by giving users the ability to change the colours associated with each bank account. Simply click the ‘Manage' button under ‘My Accounts' on the left hand side of the Dashboard, and click on the colour box for the account you want to re-colour in the field that says ‘Account colour'.

The colour you choose will appear in the left-most column of the Transactions page, which you can view by clicking the Past Activity tab at the top of the page. The same colours are used to show which bank account a specific transaction belongs to throughout the application.

The colours will also appear on the ‘Balance History' graph, so you can see how the balance of your accounts has changed over time, in comparison to your other bank accounts. You can adjust which accounts appear in the graph, and the time period it covers.

If you have a lot of different cards and accounts, here's a helpful hint: Group all your credit cards in shades of orange, savings in shades of blue, and current accounts in yellow and green. That way you'll not only be able to tell your accounts apart, you can mark similar accounts with similar colours.

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