Money Dashboard

What is the Cash at Bank gauge?

You may have noticed to the side of your dashboard the Cash at Bank gauge. You may have also wondered what it's for or what it's telling you.

The Cash at Bank gauge represents your accessible cash over the last 30 days. It is the balance of your current accounts and easy access savings. The top number is the maximum amount of money you have had in your account in the last 30 days. If you have an overdraft facility on one of your accounts then the negative number you see on the gauge represents that.

When you load a bank or building society account into Money Dashboard the balance will automatically be included in your Cash at Bank gauge.

(To exclude an account from the Cash at Bank Gauge just go to the Account Form (MyProfile > Accounts), expand the account you want to exclude and untick 'Include in 'Cash at Bank' gauge').

Credit cards are not included in your Cash at Bank gauge simply because Credit Cards represent money you owe - it's not money you have access to.

How does the Balance figure compare to the Cash at Bank figure? Sometimes these two figures are the same, however, the Balance figure is a snapshot of your total balances for your bank, credit cards and building society accounts. As Money Dashboard develops Balances will represent your total wealth.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard