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Welcome, Peter!

Left to Right: Peter O'Higgins, CFO and Steve Tigar, CEO

For those with a keen eye on what we’ve been up to, it will come as no surprise that Money Dashboard is currently preparing for its biggest ever fundraise which will go live on Crowdcube soon, in the form of an equity crowdfund.

Building on the success of our 2017 raise where over 1000 of our users collectively invested £1.4 million, we expect this round to be oversubscribed. The early interest from those who have pledged support has been astounding.

Aside from making more of you - our users - owners of the business, the most exciting part of this round is the opportunity it creates for Money Dashboard to continue expanding our team and loyal community. We have big plans for the app in the pipeline to make it truly world class as we embark on this next phase of growth.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce the newest member of our senior leadership team, Peter O’Higgins.

Peter has joined us as Chief Financial Officer, following his time in the same role at Revolut. Read more in the news at Business Insider.

Commenting on Peter’s appointment, Steve Tigar (CEO) said:

“Peter was part of Revolut’s top team and saw the business grow from 200,000 to over 4.5m users during his three-year tenure.  Revolut’s CEO described Peter’s contribution as ‘absolutely pivotal to our success’.  We’re excited to have Peter on board as we enter our next phase of growth.”

We’ll be running a short Q&A session with Steve and Peter for interested investors over the course of the next week. If you’d like to join us, make sure you register for your space here.

For more information on crowdfunding and how it works, see our short blog post here.

Welcome, Peter!

Sean MacNicol

Engagement Manager