The Money Dashboard team is here to help you during Coronavirus

In light of the evolving news and concern around the outbreak of Coronavirus, we wanted to outline what we’re doing to ensure we continue supporting you as normally as possible.

Keeping ourselves safe so we can continue supporting you

In line with government guidance and like many businesses across the UK, the Money Dashboard team have recognised there are a number of ways we can shift our working habits to help keep everyone safe and well, and the first step of doing so has been to move to work remotely at this time. This means that any further restrictions on travel or gatherings will have less impact on our ability to continue working.

As a technology company with a modest staff size, we are fortunate in that much of our team is set up to work from home effectively already and can continue to provide you with the high level of customer service we always strive for. We’re keeping stock of the situation and will take any measures to ensure that continues to be the case.

Recognising our role in promoting responsible money management for those who may be facing financial difficulties

Our mission is, and will continue to be, to help everyone be happier and more successful by mastering their money. While speculation as to what will happen economically in the coming months should be left to the experts, we all have a role to play to ensure we support one another and promote - without exception - well-reasoned advice and resources.

As ever, we will continue to add helpful content to our blog, such as in this article where we discuss some ways to secure your financial situation ahead of possible economic downturn. While we are not financial advisors and therefore can’t provide definitive advice for any one person’s situation, we are strong believers in:

  • Budgeting and living below your means
  • Paying off debt as quickly as is reasonably possible and responsible
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Paying attention to your credit score
  • Diversifying your investment portfolio (for those who have one)
  • Mindfulness of your work and income situation

We would urge anyone facing financial difficulties through loss of income or otherwise to speak to agencies such as the Money Advice Service for impartial advice, or to speak to their bank directly about ways they can help.

As always, for any questions about your Money Dashboard account, you can contact our support team here.

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