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Tagging your transactions in the Tag Transaction panel allows you to see where you are spending your money in the Track Spending panel. If you've Set Budgets for these tags, you'll also be able to see how that spending compares to your budgets in each area and as a whole.

The Tag Transactions Panel

All your transactions for all your accounts come together here. You can order your transactions by Date, Account, Description, Amount or Tag by clicking on the column titles. In addition, you can use the check boxes at the top to limit the list to showing only those transactions from the last 30 days or only those transactions that have not yet been tagged.

In order to save you time, Money Dashboard automatically tags some transactions for you. You can re-tag these at any time.

The Tagging Process

To tag a transaction, click on the current Tag name for the transaction (if not yet tagged this will be “Click to tag.”) A drop-down list will appear. This contains all the default tags, all the tags you created, and some Special Tags (see below.) Simply select the appropriate tag and it is immediately saved for that transaction. You can tag and re-tag any of your transactions at any time.

When a transaction is tagged, the spending associated with that transaction is represented in the Track Spending panel.

Special Tags

Occasionally, you may wish to exclude a transaction from the Track Spending calculations. You can do this by tagging the transaction with the special “Exclude” tag. Similarly, if you have made a transfer to another one of your accounts and therefore don't want the transaction to be counted as spend; use the “Transfer” tag.

by John Davidson, Customer Support

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