Money Dashboard

Support for Apple Mac platform announced

Money Dashboard has successfully completed testing on Mac OS X - specifically on version 10.6.3 (Snow Leopard) running Silverlight 3.

If you would like to use the Money Dashboard application on your Mac, you will first need to install Silverlight from

Please note that you need an Intel based Mac for this to work -- it will not work on the PowerPC versions. We strongly recommend that you update your Mac and close all copies of Safari before installing Silverlight.

If you continue to get prompted to install Silverlight when trying to login, please restart your Mac - this usually happens when the runtime has not completed installing, typically because Safari (or one of its components) was still running.

At this time, there are some known localisation issues regarding Mac users -- specifically you may see three decimal places in some parts of the application. This issue has been logged, and will be resolved in our next release.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard