Removal of "Internet Explorer only" restriction

Sam Jackson

February 24, 2010

November 13, 2018

Removal of "Internet Explorer only" restriction

Money Dashboard is delighted to announce that all majorPC browsers are now working with the Money Dashboard service.

As highlighted by a few people on twitter last week, Money Dashboard's invitation only Beta testing to date has been on Internet Explorer only.

There has been known and recorded issues between the non-Microsoft browsers and how they handle native Silverlight commands. For the early stages of Beta test and until we knew that there was a workable solution to this , we decided to test with an Internet Explorer only policy.

There is now a solution in place which has been fully tested by our team and gives all windows users the ability to use the major browsers - we've tested it with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (on a PC), we would expect the solution to work on most other modern browsers.

We are now working hard on a fix for Apple users...

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard

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