Product Update: Version 1.0c now deployed

We are delighted to announce that the latest version (V1.0c) of Money Dashboard has been deployed.

Based upon your feedback we have made some substantial changes which we hope will make Money Dashboard more usable and functional. We also appreciate that there are still a number of areas we need to improve to make the service even better and we will be looking into those aspects leading up to our next deployment.

We hope this is now becoming an obvious trait, but we've taken your feedback on the best way to develop this new functionality:

Alerts – we now have a new basic email alerts system to help you with your money management, you can try these out by setting your alerts on the bottom navigation.

Bottom navigation - we have streamlined the design and reduced the focus on the bottom navigation menu, we hope you like it

Tagging your transactions – we've made a few changes here too including:* Confirmation when deleting a tag or a tag group* The tag names on the transaction list are now never empty - if untagged they show the "click to tag" message

We've added "exclude" and "duplicate" transaction tags:* Occasionally a duplicate transaction comes across the feed engine from banks. This tag will remove the duplicate from any monthly calculations* Exclude is to help users to remove specific transactions from calculations which may distort the monthly spend picture

Adverts – you may now spot we have some adverts throughout the systemHelp – the Help now has a lot more detail on how the system works and some tips (or points to note) on how best to use it

Account Management

Add account error messages – if you are having problems connecting to your account provider you will now see a more user friendly error message rather than an unhelpful number.

A number of add account forms have been fixed including Smile, Citibank and First Direct

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