Product Update: My Profile and Silverlight Feedback

         As you are probably aware Money Dashboard currently uses Microsoft Silverlight technology to deliver the product. There are many reasons why this technology was chosen, but that's a separate discussion.... (have a look at          

Our latest release incorporated a number of enhancements and bug fixes (yes - we are still in beta!). This latest version concentrated on the 'My Profile' section of the application. The 'My Profile' section allows you, the user, to update personal details about yourself, including your contact details and personal details. This allows you to view and edit the information Money Dashboard hold about you in their secure database. Some of this information is optional, but we do need accurate details such as your email address so that we (or our systems) can contact you. The other tabs beneath ‘My Profile' allow you to manage the bank and credit card financial accounts you have added to your dashboard, and also a way to control a number of preferences relating to the application.

Silverlight's powerful layout features enabled us to introduce not only a fresh new look to these tabs, but thanks to our user experience department and your helpful feedback we have taken the opportunity to make this section more user-friendly and introduced tighter validation to help you to ensure that the data we hold is accurate.

We are progressing through the application as it stands and intend to polish the product in a similar fashion as we go. For example we will shortly be introducing larger panels within the main carousel element of the user interface. Thanks to the power of Silverlight we can ensure that user's experience is consistent across multiple browsers and computers. Yes - you do need to install a browser plug-in to use our free application, but hey after all you need a browser to surf the web do you not? It's a small download and works on Mac and PC, and will allow you to visit any other Silverlight enabled website.

Please keep your valuable feedback coming in, as it has been. We do listen to our users and while you “can't please all of the people, all of the time” we do our best to please as many people as possible.

by Gareth Watt, Silverlight Developer

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