Product update: Money Dashboard now at 1.1A

It's been a while since we updated you with the latest changes to Money Dashboard so we thought it was about time we did.

Over the last few weeks we have made a number of incremental improvements to Money Dashboard, this has been mostly as a result of feedback from our brilliant User base.

Adding accounts

Our main focus has been to make it easier for our users to add their accounts, so we have made a large number of feed engine improvements including updates to Egg, Smile, The Co-Operative Bank, Nationwide and Lloyds Bank.

Hints and tips for Adding Accounts

If your account has previously worked and it goes into error, this may be a temporary issue with either the agent or the customer website. Just leave it and check back later. A significant number of these error clear on their own.If you have had errors for a number of days, and you have limited or no history on your dashboard, try deleting your account and re-adding it.If you have had errors for a number of days and have significant history attached to the account – please email support or use feedback and we will help to try to solve the issue.

Other improvements

We've added some links from the application out to the forum so that you can check updates there while still in the application:

We've added contextual help for the panelsWe've fixed the export function which was not working for a short whileFor a short while our password generator was creating “invalid to Yodlee” passwords, this only affected a very small number of usersWe've made a number of improvements to the CPU utilisation which has resulted in a lowering of CPU usage (particularly with Internet Explorer). We are still working on another issue which is causing some CPU utilisation increases in certain relatively unique circumstancesWe've fixed it so that certain popups (eg Calculator) remain as you left them, when logging in next time

What next?

The next features we are focusing on are improvements to make it easier for new users to register and logon, quickly followed by an increase in the panel sizes.

We also want to make some radical changes to the My Dashboard panel but before we do that we want to know what you think. In the next couple of weeks we are about to launch a survey asking people what they might like to see on the “MyDashboard” panel, so keep an eye out for this and have your say.

Your Feedback

As always, we've been really impressed with the ideas that are coming up both in the forum and through support. We are looking at all the suggestions and trying to implement as many as possible. So please keep them coming!

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