Open Banking: Money Dashboard & Revolut sync up

This one has been in high demand from Money Dashboard users for a while now, so we’re delighted to be the first UK personal finance app to be connecting into Revolut’s API.

When you connect Revolut to Money Dashboard, you’ll be able to view the spending and income on your Revolut account in real-time, so you know exactly what’s going on!

Why Revolut and what’s next?

A big priority for the team here at Money Dashboard is to make sure you’re able to manage any accounts you hold in one place, in order to make mastering your money as easy as possible. Revolut has grown their user base rapidly since launching and is now a favourite among Money Dashboard users for things like spending abroad and buying cryptocurrency.

Our development team has spent the last few months building a new technical infrastructure that allows us to connect to 3rd parties with minimal effort. This extends beyond institutions that are providing Open Banking connections to those that do not fall under PSD2 but do provide an API into their systems to allow sharing of their customers data into third party applications such as MoneyDashboard.

This means that the time between having access to an API - which is in the whole a self-signup process - to having the connection live within Money Dashboard - has been significantly shortened. That includes testing the returned data with our tagging engines to ensure that the returned data will be tagged suitably.

Integrations with apps like Revolut are one of the ways we’re executing on our mission to help you and are an exciting sign of the collaboration being brought about by the broader Open Banking initiative. Watch this space for more announcements coming very soon...

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