Money Dashboard

New look for Money Dashboard

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the new changes planned for Money Dashboard, we had a great response and all your feedback really helped us to create the current look for Money Dashboard.

We've made these changes to make moving around your Money Dashboard quicker and easier and to make the information clearer, the changes will also improve the performance (speed) of the application.

So what have we changed?

More screen height: we've removed the carousel and replaced the panels with screens, giving you more room to see your transactions and balances

Clearer menus: we've changed the menus at the top and bottom of the screen to help you find the information you want more quickly

Name changes: we've made some name changes in the navigation, in particular My Details is now called Settings, the other name changes are fairly small

Transaction pages: on the Transaction screen, rather than one long page of transactions we've split them into pages, this will make Money Dashboard much faster if you have 1000's of transactions

Let us know what you think by leaving us a message on the forum.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard