Money Dashboard

New ideas for the Money Dashboard service

We've been getting a lot of great feedback from our current invitation-only Beta users and they have been making some excellent suggestions as to future functionality of the Money Dashboard service. The following are items that we are currently working on, which we hope to incorporate in the product soon.

Email alerts

Updates from the system on specific important events, like overspending your budget

More help

A more detailed help section on the features and functions of the product

Ways to save

A section that will point you to products and services that we hope might save you money

Confirmation on delete

You can delete a tag at present with no confirmation, you've requested a verification before deletion.

We are looking for your views on our current activities and for more suggestions on possible future functionality. If you want to join the debate, please click through to the product features and news section of our forum.

Please keep those ideas coming!

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard