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Since Money Dashboard went live in April we have been working hard to make it easier for you to use it.

Based upon the feedback we have received from you through our support function and from the forum, we have focused upon making it easier for you to add your online accounts.

In this latest version of Money Dashboard you will:

1. See a new looking Account Form

We hope you agree that the new Account form looks much better and is much more intuitive. You can clearly see your account balances, include/exclude accounts from your Cash in Bank gauge and Balances and give your accounts more meaningful names (Nicknames).

2. Have the opportunity to update your online bank details

Previously if your login details had changed with one of your banks you had to delete your account and then add it again, therefore losing your historical data. Now you don't have to do that. Now if you have changed your online login details for one of your online banks you can now update these in Money Dashboard and keep your historical information such as your transactions and any historic budgets.

3. See accounts with Errors

We have improved the information you receive if one of your accounts has an error. Not only is it clearer if there is a problem with one of your accounts but we have also improved the information in the error messages to make them more meaningful. In the Accounts section of the Help we have put more detailed information about the error and steps you can follow to fix the error before contacting support.

4. Add accounts more quickly

Another aspect we have been working on in the background is speed, it is now much quicker for you to add new accounts.

Lost Nicknames

However, to make these changes has meant that some of you may notice that the nicknames on your accounts are missing. Apologies to those who have been affected by this change but we hope you think the changes have been worth it.

MyDashboard Survey

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey. Thank you to all those who responded, we had a fantastic response and some excellent ideas and suggestions, many of which we plan to include in future releases of Money Dashboard. From the survey you told us that:

knowing current balance is the most important thing to you,followed by understanding where your money is going.

Knowing this has now helped us to develop the Dashboard in Money Dashboard.

In the survey we also asked for your suggestions and you came back with plenty including:

more space for the information being displayed. We are working on this so watch this space! the ability to set goals for yourself. This is new but we are investigating. more providers. Again, this is something we are constantly working on and many more.

Your feedback

We are planning to get your feedback on some more work we are doing so please keep an eye on the forum and your email but if you have any further ideas and suggestions please email them to or use the feedback button on the application.

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