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Money Dashboard Launches Survey

Money Dashboard is delighted to announce the launch of a survey in partnership with Entitledto.

In the survey Money Dashboard is trying to understand how people view their finances, and how happy they are to work with their finances in a secure and online environment. They also ask whether the User would like tools to answer four basic questions:

Where am I now? ie what is your current financial position?Where would I like to go? A "what if" tool to help you look to the future and evaluate options based on your own preferences and choicesHow do I get there? Links and information on how to choose relevant financial products that will enable you to get where you have chosen to goHow do I know if I am on target? A monitoring and alerting tool that tells you by text or email if you are off plan and makes suggestions as to what to do next.

Money Dashboard uses a product management methodology which encourages input from the market in order to design and build a product that is wanted by the market and also geared towards the market's needs.

The product will be free to use, and will be a tool for people to get the products they really need, rather than a sales tool for major financial corporations - a tool for everyone who just wants the comfort of understanding their financial position a bit better.

Money Dashboard is indebted to Entitledto for allowing us to use their application to test the market. Entitledto provide a free web-based calculator to help people work out their entitlement to benefits and tax credits. All those who use the calculator are now given the option to take a personal finance survey linked through to Money Dashboard.

The survey is one of several routes used by Money Dashboard to gather market requirements and to ensure that they build a product which will be of benefit to all in the future.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard