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Money Dashboard delighted at Victory of Financial Education Campaign

An announcement from The Department of Education this month confirmed that financial education is set to be included in England's new national curriculum, which has represented a ‘huge victory' for The Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG) and financial education campaigners.

At the root of this cause, has been the call to provide young people with the knowledge of how to budget and manage their money more effectively as they grow up. Money Dashboard would like to provide our congratulations and voice our support for this campaign and the progress made towards a more financially astute nation.

What the campaign's success means?

School pupils in England will soon have classes covering the areas of debt, wages, tax, and financial risk, not to mention useful products and services to help with the management of their financial life.

The classes are to be added to Mathematics and Citizenship lessons, which means personal finance will become a key part of the English school curriculum for the first time.

For more information on the Financial Education Campaign please refer to the following article from the Personal Finance Education Group.

Sam Jackson

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