Money Dashboard announces alpha software release

The Money Dashboard team continued their pattern of rapid delivery by today announcing the release of their core "Dashboard" Alpha product.

Money Dashboard helps individuals and families in the UK to manage their money. The service is free, secure and very easy for anybody to use. The personal finance software links with online banks and credit cards, bringing it all together in the one place, automatically categorises transaction information showing how money is being used, and more importantly, suggests how it could be used more effectively.

Commenting on the release, Gavin Littlejohn, Money Dashboard's Founder and CEO, said "Making personal finance easier for consumers started off as a personal passion. But listening to people, with all of their financial insecurities, their difficulty in staying on top of their admin and their challenges in making decisions, has turned this passion into a real desire to build something useful. Given the current market conditions making life easier, more transparent and less scary for ordinary people trying to manage their budget has become critical.

Our development and product management teams have done an outstanding job in bringing my vision to life. The User interface is a stunning piece of work, not seen before in any form of financial application.

Early test users are finding the service is easy to use, with low maintenance, and are really enjoying the exceptional graphics on the User interface".

The Alpha test opportunity is initially only open to a limited number of Users. Over the coming months, further announcements will be made as the service expands into an open Beta, before finally launching later this year.

Anyone wishing to register for the Alpha programme can do so at_

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