Money Dashboard

Intellectual Property Update

Money Dashboard is delighted to announce that is has submitted a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This allows Money Dashboard to use “Patent Pending” status in external communications.

Additionally, Money Dashboard has today received confirmation that its UK Trademark has been granted by the UK Intellectual Property Office, for both the logo mark and the word mark. In parallel Money Dashboard is announcing its intention to trademark the same logo mark and word mark with the US Patent and Trademark Office, application submitted today.

Gavin Littlejohn, CEO of Money Dashboard, said “These are important first steps for Money Dashboard in managing its Intellectual Property both in terms of shareholder value and to protect its name in the market”.

Recently appointed Marketing Director, George Hall added, “Gavin and I have been working hard to establish a strong Intellectual Property Strategy. This confirmation today of both Trademark and Patent Pending status is fantastic news for all company stakeholders”.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard