Money Dashboard

In, Out, In : Out, What's it all about?

At Money Dashboard we try hard to make the information on your financial dashboard as useful as possible. That's why we created the Income: Spend and In: Out graphs on the Past Activity page.

In is the total money coming into your current accounts from any source.

Out is the total money leaving your current accounts to any recipient.

So In : Out compares the flow of money into and out of just your current account or accounts.

You can view these totals at a glance on the right hand side of the Dashboard page. In is shown in green and Out is shown in red.

However, not all incoming transactions are technically Income, and not all outgoing transactions are technically Spend. By our definition:

Income is money coming into any of your accounts minus any credit received, transfers from savings or investments, or untagged transactions.

Spend is money coming out of any of your accounts minus credit repaid, transfers to savings or investments, or untagged transactions.

Income : Spend, which compares these two figures, is designed specifically to let you see the True View of your financial activity; your actual income and your actual spend, removing misleading or incomplete data.

Income : Spend shows you if the trending of your financial activity is tenable, once you've removed debts, credit and transfers from the equation.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard