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In September of this year I started working for Money Dashboard. I'm pleased to say that since then there's been a lot of hard work gone into improving the usability and functionality of the application. As Head of Customer Support it's great to see that so much of this development has come as a result of feedback received from our users and prospective users. We're very grateful for the thoughts and ideas we've received. Please continue to feedback to us and we'll continue to use your ideas to improve Money Dashboard.

In addition to our ongoing work to improve the performance of the application and continuing to add support for new banks and credit cards, here are some of the highlights of our latest developments.

Panel Sizes

We received a lot of feedback regarding the sizes of the panels. We had many suggestions that increasing the sizes of the panels would make the application easier to use.

Now the panels are bigger and better! This allows you to see more of your transactions in one place in the Tag Transactions panel, gives you better visibility when you're setting your budgets in the Set Budgets panel, and also better visibility when viewing your budgets versus spending in the Track Spending panel.

My Dashboard Panel

The larger panels have allowed us to revamp and extend the My Dashboard panel.This is the first panel you see when you log in to Money Dashboard.

The My Dashboard panel now provides a great snapshot of your finances. You can see at a glance:

The sum of your balancesYour individual balancesYour current spending for the monthHow your current spending compares to your budgets

Drilldown in Track Spending

In the next few weeks we will be releasing this next important feature.

In the Track Spending panel, you will be able to “drilldown” and see your spending versus your budgets not just for the Tag Groups, but also for the specific tags themselves.

The Future

Money Dashboard is constantly developing improvements and new features. In the next few weeks you can expect to see the ‘Split Transaction' feature, where transactions that you feel fit into more than one category can be shared between different tags. This is something that many of our users have inquired about and it'll provide a more realistic edge to setting transactions against budgets.

There will also be a function allowing you to import transactions from an external source, a calendar to enable you to plan for upcoming transactions and many other improvements.

If you'd like more information about upcoming developments, have any suggestions, or require support, please contact

by John Davidson, Customer Support

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