How to Switch Broadband Supplier


Regular users of Money Dashboard will know that making a small saving on a monthly bill goes a long way. A little extra cash in your account every month will build quickly if put towards savings or paying off debts, and one of the most common ways to save money every month without cutting back your lifestyle is to switch to a better value broadband Internet package.

Benefits of Switching

  • Faster download speeds
  • Higher download allowances or lower download limits
  • Better value for money
  • Higher quality customer service
  • Promotional offers available to new customers

Under Contract

Before you attempt to switch providers, make sure your current contract has expired. Standard contracts are 12-24 months. If you've been with the same provider for two or more years chances are you're in the clear, otherwise it's worth checking the terms of your contract or you may face a hefty cancellation fee.

Compare Broadband

Using price comparison technology powered by BroadbandChoices, you can compare broadband deals through the Money Dashboard website and uncover all the best offers in your area for broadband, landline telephone and television services. The best deals usually have all three services in one package.

Migration Authorisation Code

More commonly known as a MAC, this 17-19 character code consists of letters, numbers, and a slash. You will need to get this code from your previous supplier and give it to your new supplier to allow the switch to take place. If you request this code from your provider they must provide it within five days by law.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When you have found the best deal available online, you have a choice left to make. When you call your ISP to ask for the MAC address to move to another supplier, they are likely to try and convince you to stay with them. They may offer to match or beat the deal you have been offered. If they offer a deal that is as good or better, and you are happy with the level of service your supplier currently provides, then take the offer and don't bother switching. If they can't beat your offer, then firmly and politely ask for the MAC to switch providers. If you are not sure, take note of all the details of the deal you have been offered and the name of the representative who offered it to you, and tell them you'll have to think it over and call back.

Broken Promises

If you end up staying with your current provider, make sure to note down the price and all the details of the deal you were offered, as well as which salesperson offered it to you. Check your next bill to make sure the deal was put in place, and if not make a complaint.

Too Quick to Cancel

Once you get the MAC, don't cancel your contract right away. It may take up to two weeks for your new provider to start providing service. Once you are fully transferred over, cancel your package and your direct debit if you have one set up, and be sure to check over your final bill when it arrives and pay it before you forget, and enjoy lower bills from now on.

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