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Based on where you live. We compare hundreds of broadband deals in your local area. This makes it easier for you to select the right deal that matches your needs and budget. Our comparison tool is simple to use and you will receive your results within a matter of seconds.

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How do I switch my broadband provider?

Ofcom’s switching rules make it easy for you to change from one provider to another.

All you need to do is contact your current provider and ask for your Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) which you then give to your new provider. This enables to you to switch without a break in service.

Before switching remember to;

Make sure your current contract has ended – If you’ve signed a contract for an agreed number of months you’ll have to see this out before switching or a cancellation fee may be required.

Look at your warranty – If your still under contract but your current supplier has been in breach of one of their service agreements you may be able to end it on those grounds, however remember to read the small print and if necessary seek professional advice.

Comparing with more than just the big names

The big and small providers.

To ensure you receive a comprehensive list of the best deals available you will see results from many of the broadband, TV and phone household names to some of the smaller providers as well. This let's you make a truly informed decision.

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