How to Save Money in the UK

Proper debt management is key for anyone looking to save money and reduce debt. There are ways for individuals and families to save money in the UK and to begin to manage debt well.

Start paying off what you owe

Anyone who is looking to save money, should start to use cash whenever possible. Credit or loans should never be used for merchandise that people wants but do not need. Credit should be saved for major purchases such as a reliable vehicle or a nice home in which to live.Everyone can improve their debt by paying more than the minimum amount due each month particularly on credit cards. When someone pays more than the minimum amount due, they will pay off their debt sooner and therefore pay less money for interest charges in the long run.

Those little things

People often have money worries as a result of spending money on unnecessary purchases. For instance, many of us will buy lunch during the workweek rather than packing a less expensive and healthier meal. At the time of writing, a meal deal from Boots costs £2.99, and a microwave meal from a supermarket will probably cost you around £2.50. The same money will get you several meals if you buy the ingredients and prepare it yourself.Individuals often stop for a morning coffee that they purchase rather than making coffee at home. A coffee from a chain like Starbucks or Costa will cost between £2 and £3. If you get a morning coffee every working day, you could be paying £500 - £750 per year on coffee alone. How much would you save by making this yourself before you leave in the morning and putting it in a travel mug?

Friends and Family

Money saving tips often involves working together with friends and family members who are also looking to save some money. For instance, a great way to save is to try to organise car pools for work. Close friends and family members could exchange babysitting services every now and then to save on some of their childcare costs.

Friends and family members can even exchange talents from time to time to save on money as well. Perhaps one person is an excellent sewer and can do some sewing work for a friend so that they do not need to pay a seamstress. Their friend might be a great painter who will help them with a small painting job so that they can avoid the cost of a contractor.

Track what you're spending your money on

By entering your bank accounts into free home accounting software like Money Dashboard, you can quickly see where your money is going, and by grouping the spend into categories, you can see at a glance where you are overspending. It's important to evaluate your spending habits and decide what is really needed based on your current finances. Individuals and families alike can save money so that they can begin paying off debt if they use some discipline and creativity.

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