Money Dashboard

How does Money Dashboard stay free?

As Money Dashboard is a free service, a lot of people are wondering where the money comes from that has been used to build the Money Dashboard tool and pay our staff. Don't worry, we're not going to suddenly change our mind and send you a huge bill!

Money Dashboard makes money by providing insight and market research services to others companies to help them better understand trends in consumer spending. Rest assured that we have strict and robust procedures in place to ensure that we fully anonymise the banking data on the platform and that we never use users' personal data in these market research products.

We have also raised money in the past, including £4.6 million in 2019, mainly through Crowdfunding, with more than 3,300 investing in Money Dashboard.

We are passionate about building a community of investors who are using Money Dashboard. It is very important for us to get their feedback on the product and a huge advantage for a consumer-facing brand like Money Dashboard, particularly as word-of-mouth plays a major role in our growth.

In the future, Money Dashboard may offer suggestions for financial products and services (for example credit cards, mortgages or insurances) that can save you money. If you buy something based on our suggestion, Money Dashboard may receive a commission from the product provider.

Sam Jackson

Money Dashboard