Fanny Snaith: Make 2019 your best money year yet

We know managing your money isn't always as simple as spending less and saving more. Sometimes it's helpful to find out what other people do and hear about their strategies.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with certified money coach, author and motivational speaker Fanny Snaith. Fanny built up a £1m+ net worth from a £40k salary and now uses her extensive experience to help others better understand the meaning and purpose of money in our lives.

Fanny will be running a free webinar exclusively for Money Dashboard Members at 7.30pm (GMT) on Thursday 14th March, where she’ll talk about going on a financial adventure and the skills you need to help you be financially successful. Spaces are limited, so if you haven't already received your invite link by email, let us know at and we'll send you the details.

About Fanny Snaith:

Fanny Snaith is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, author and motivational speaker who is changing the way we think about money. She built a £1m+ net worth from a £40k salary.  She thought that wealth would make her happy.  It didn’t.  It made her miserable, but she did not know why.  

Already having great practical money skills, she spent time studying with the Money Coaching Institute to understand more about her feelings and emotions around money. Our Finmotions – emotions around money, run deep.  

Fanny now works with high achieving business owners who want to understand how their emotional relationship with money impacts not only their income but their complete financial world.  Fanny is committed to helping the world better understand the meaning and purpose of money in our lives.   

She believes that talking about money, discovering and challenging our belief systems about money, can only make us and the world engage better with the wonderful tool and resource money is meant to be.

Fanny Snaith lives in Cheltenham with her husband and two daughters.

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