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Since our Beta launch, Money Dashboard has been mentioned in Finance and Technology articles in newspapers, websites and on tech blogs. Increasingly, we are being considered a reputable source for comment on financial and money-saving issues and we are always pleased when our existence encourages discussion about technology platforms, internet security, and banking in the 21st century.

We've set up an “in the news” section of our site, where we aim to document all our mentions throughout the news and the blogosphere. The page is organised by date, and you can track Money Dashboard's journey back to our October 2009 mention in TechCrunch.

Money Dashboard - In The News

Of course the biggest day for us in the media was 19 January 2011, when we completed Beta testing and officially launched Money Dashboard to the internet community as a free money management tool.

Another way to keep up with all our most recent news mentions is to follow us on Twitter, where we tweet links to articles about Money Dashboard on the internet. We'll also keep you up to date with new posts on our product blog, and keep you advised on any competitions we are running on the site.

by Mike Hall, Marketing

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