Even an MD needs Money Dashboard

I've been using Money Dashboard now for quite a while – through its Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta and now as a live product. It's changed and it's got much better – although there are still lots of things that we can do to improve its usefulness.

Before I worked at Money Dashboard I was one of those blinkered souls who only look at their money when they had to and usually just prayed that everything was going fine! But I took a trip back through a couple of years of my finances and discovered that the amount of money that I have squandered over the years is frightening. Little bank charges incurred here and there because I wasn't paying attention, black marks on my credit when forgetting to pay bills, leaving chunks of money in current accounts that could have been earning better interest, failing to identify transactions that were maybe not quite right.

With Money Dashboard I've turned over a new leaf. It's been good for my finances but also good for my wellbeing. Just having all the information together makes you look and think about your finances. I've managed to avoid a couple of charges just by being more vigilant. And I've now opened up some new savings accounts via the Ways to Save section to get better interest of some on my surplus money.

So a double whammy. I'm passionate about the product, but also more frugal with my finances.

by George Hall, Managing Director

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