Chancellor's Update 2015: Fintech, personal finance and property

What does the Chancellor's recent budget announcement earlier in March 2015 mean for people? Here we focus on two main aspects around the announcement, property and Fintech.

Financial revolution

The Chancellor's budget announced on 19th March has revealed that the Government will now be supporting the growth and development of firms in Fintech like Money Dashboard. Specifically, ensuring that banks work with firms to promote innovation. This is as a direct result of work done by lobby group of which Money Dashboard is proudly a member.

With that plus circa 100,000 users like you successfully using Money Dashboard, we're on a quest to get more people in control of their finances. We want to address the preconceived issues around what we offer as a service and prove that it is a free and functional tool.

Comment below if you are a user of Money Dashboard to help share the word that Money Dashboard in in fact, easy and safe to use. If you haven't yet done so, do sign up for Money Dashboard and sync your accounts to help get a clearer view of your finances.

Property ladder

The Chancellor's announcement also included news for those looking to buy property and who may need a helping hand. The accounts will be available from Autumn 2015 so it will still be a few months before these are available.

With this account, people will be able to open an ISA and save up to £200 a month towards their first home. The government will boost it by 25%; that means you could get a £50 bonus for every £200 people save, up to £3000. Find out more about what the UK Government's Help to Buy ISA (2015) in our podcast below.

Money Dashboard podcast

These topics of budgeting, Fintech, personal finance and property were all on the agenda of this month's Money Dashboard podcast. The first episode in a series that will update listeners on recent news and offer tips on how to be good with money.

This month Money Dashboard's Gavin Littlejohn and Lisa Venter sat down for a chat about the Chancellor's recent budget announcement and how this included a huge win for Fintech. In the podcast they also spoke to local property market expert David Marshall, Business Manager at mov8 Real Estate, on what the Chancellor's announcement meant for those looking to get a mortgage; specifically around Help to Buy ISAs.

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