Cashflow will be removed on 8 August 2018. It's time to move to Planner!

As some of you may be aware, last year we released a new feature called Planner on both our mobile apps and website as a major new addition to our suite of functionality. While Planner resembles the existing Cashflow functionality in concept, it was released as an independent feature for a number of reasons. The principle amongst those was that it was not possible to integrate the existing Cashflow feature into our Android and iOS apps.

We’ve been making some great improvements to Planner over the last year including our most recent release of v8.2 on the web app which brings the all new calendar view! With this latest release and with the benefits which Planner provides, we’ve decided it’s now time to say goodbye to Cashflow.

Cashflow Graph and Calendar will be removed on 8 August 2018. We recommend setting up Planner during this period so the move is as simple as possible. Unfortunately due to the technicalities mentioned above, we won’t be able to transfer your predicted transactions to Planner automatically. But don’t worry, it’s really quick to get set up and we’re here if you need us.

If you have any questions or need assistance on moving to Planner, you can read our help article which explains how it works or you get in contact with us.

Why use planner?

Planner lets you add and keep track of upcoming predicted transactions. You can add recurring predictions that occur on a regular basis like a Netflix subscription. Or you can add one-off predictions for those once in a blue moon purchases like a Christmas or anniversary present. With all of these predictions added to your Planner, you’ll then have a view of what your balance will look like in the future.

  1. All your accounts, one planner
  2. Calendar view on planner
  3. See all your predictions in schedule view
  4. Mark complete predictions as paid
  5. Check back on historic predictions
  6. Available on iOS and Android
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