Bring Some Colour to Your Dashboard

It makes sense when you are looking to keep spending within a given threshold to keep a watchful eye on any overspending. Setting your budgets via the Set Budgets panel of the Money Dashboard application allows you to set expected expenditure for the month, and displays your budget in a colourful bar graph.

Some users might associate specific transaction groups with specific colours in their head, and would like the graph to reflect this. Other users might find the graph difficult to interpret because they suffer from colour blindness. Some might just want to make their graph a little bit prettier.

Regular users may be aware of and using this feature already, but did you know you can customise the budgetary category colours?

There are two levels of colour customisation possible - basic and advanced. The basic customisation allows the user to quickly select from a predefined set of colours; using the default colour palette, standard colours, or select from a list of recently used colours. This basic customisation is illustrated by setting the colour blue to a cash budget of £250 in the screen shot below:

For the advanced customisation of colours, the user can select from either RGB or hexadecimal codes. You can preview the colour code selection and adjust it using the sliders. The advanced colour customisation is illustrated in the screenshot below, setting a miscellaneous budget of £250 within the General category:

There are over 15 million colours to choose from; so whatever your colour preferences, you can customise your Dashboard to suit.

by Angus Grossart, Software Architect and Team Leader

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