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Last month, Money Dashboard has been presenting the open beta product at technology conferences in the UK and around Europe.

This May Money Dashboard presented at the BizSpark event in Paris, where Microsoft and technology venture capitalists had the chance to assess the upcoming wares from Europe's brightest young hopefuls in the software development world.

The message Money Dashboard conveyed at the event, was that banking and financial services in the UK have taken a battering in the credit crisis, especially in Scotland where Royal Bank of Scotland required emergency government funding in order to survive. But our cloud-based financial services model has real potential. The ultimate aim is to provide a cloud-based service that enables users to use the internet for more than the budget management that we currently do and instead harness the power of the internet to allow users to manage and generate their own wealth.

Shortly thereafter, at the bigmouthmedia Finance Summit, Gavin Littlejohn, the founder and CEO of Money Dashboard, told an audience of finance sector executives at the 2nd annual bigmouthmedia Finance Summit that the finance sector urgently needs to address the way financial products are sold online.

According to Gavin, there is a widening gulf between the FSA's requirements for providing consumers with straightforward information and the financial sector's ability to provide it.

"In many ways the financial industry has been left trailing in the digital revolution's wake. Despite the fact that online should be a channel ideally suited to selling products based on hard facts and reliable data, we have yet to see the sector develop a consistent, credible approach to selling financial services," said Littlejohn.

"Set against a background where regulators have consistently pushed providers towards more professional practices, this situation is simply untenable.”

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